AWDI Grades.
Now you'll know what you're buying!

When it comes to shopping for Vinyl Replacement Windows or Installing Windows — Be Careful!

When you see and ad for a window for less than $200, and it is an installed price, it will be a window that is no more than an AWDI Star Grade 2. Probably you will not want to invest your money in anything less than a Grade 3.

Too often, contractors try to sell Grade 2 windows at a Grade 5 price. AWDI offers information that puts you in control.

Just like gasoline and other products, there are grades of windows. Not all Vinyl Replacement Windows are alike.

AWDI has prepared a grading system which collects all of the frame, glass and hardware specifications and groups them into a good-better-best performance and durability rating system.

Download your FREE copy of the AWDI pamphlet explaining the grading system and then you will know which windows will perform on what level and what you should expect to pay for them.

Now you'll understand what you are buying.

Get Your FREE Star Grades Pamphlet


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