New Windows won't work right if they're not installed right.

Because the new vinyl replacement windows you buy should be measured to fit, built and installed to your desires and needs, big retailers cannot carry these items in stock, and special orders are not what they're best at.

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The Philosophy: "It won't work right if it's not installed right"™ is more than a phrase, it is the guiding philosophy of AWDI and its operations. Today's technologically superior performance enhancing innovation and testing of window products, leaves little doubt of the quality and value of the majority of residential window and door.
Of equal importance, the installation of the product in a new or existing opening completes the window transaction. Proper installation is at least equal in importance to any other facet in the ultimate satisfaction of the homeowner.
Replacement Windows are only half the system Installation is the other half.
Window and door products have become more sophisticated, and have become, in effect, precision appliances - able to separate and control the interior environment independent from the outside environment; while being able to operate reliably for long periods of time. And, most Vinyl Replacement Window companies make a quality product that will perform consistently.
Only the variables of installation can significantly influence the performance of the total window system. AWDI seeks to create consistent installations, utilizing consistent products, in inconsistent applications.
Over 90% of Replacement Window problems are the result of poor, or incomplete installation
National statistics prove year after year that, when properly installed, windows will perform up to specifications for longer than the warranted life of the window itself. Excessive condensation, air leaks, heat loss, warped or out-of-square windows are the result of faulty installation - not faulty manufacture. Unfortunately, these problems won't usually show up until months after the installation. And worse, they are not covered by the manufacturer's window warranty.
How can I tell if the installation is good?
Most contractors who install vinyl replacement windows do a good job. Callbacks for problems are the dread of any home improvement contractor. Intense competition and the occasional "weekend window contractor" have caused some installers to compromise their work.
Ask your contractor to see his AWDI credentials. He is a "Certified Installer" and will be glad to show you his certificate. Then ask your contractor to see the AWDI Guidelines for Installing Vinyl Replacement Windows. Discuss these guidelines with him and how he intends to apply them in your home when he installs your new windows. AWDI Certified Installers are justifiably proud of their Certification, and are glad to share their expertise with you.
You can trust an AWDI Certified Installer. His skill and technical knowledge will assure you of a trouble-free and satisfactory installation of your new Vinyl Replacement Windows. You'll be glad to know that each window you have purchased has been designed, built, and installed to exacting standards.
You're buying custom, vinyl replacement windows because the old ones in your home didn't last. Isn't it worth dealing with an AWDI certified installer to see to it that the new ones do?


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