How to Measure
A vinyl replacement window is made to fit the particular opening and it is important to correctly measure the opening. Installing new vinyl replacement windows successfully begins with proper measurement. There are four critical measurements involved: Width, Height, Square and Level. For the purposes of receiving an estimate, basic width and height will be sufficient.

Measuring Aluminum and Steel windows is similar. Finding the dimension from the point furthest to the left and right on the existing window frame will give an acceptable width. Finding the lowest point at the bottom of the existing window to the highest point will provide an acceptable height for quotation purposes.

Measuring a window for a new garden, Bay or Bow window will follow similar guidelines.

Regardless of the dimensions you provide, it will take a technician's visit to your home to finalize the measurements. After all, it's important that the measurements are accurate since all quality replacement windows are made to measure and made to order to ensure proper fit and operation.

Use the diagrams to locate measurement points.

A. Width
Measure at the top, middle, and bottom and use the smallest dimension.

B. Height
Measure at the left, middle, and right and use the smallest dimension.

Always Specify Width First, Height Second
When ordering a window whose measurements are 46-1/4" wide and 54-1/2" tall, the size of the window is expressed as 46-1/4" x 54-1/2".

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