Who is WIXSYS?

When it comes to Vinyl Replacement Windows or Installing Windows, for most people, buying replacement windows is a major purchase. In fact, it's probably the third largest purchase you will ever make - behind your home and automobile. So it's important to get it right. Unfortunately, all sorts of barriers lie in your way.

The vast majority of windows sales people are specialists in sales techniques and not particularly qualified to advise on technical problems or product options. It's their job to convince you their product is just right for your house. They might know that a better or less expensive product is available elsewhere, but they certainly wouldn't tell you. After all, their commission is at stake.

You should beware too of "special offers". Many are not genuine discounts at all. Instead, the company making the offer has simply set a very high starting price and then reduced it. So the 'bargain' you end up with is no greater than the 'bargain' you would have got elsewhere. is a service of AWDI, the American Window and Door Institute - founded in 1989 to dispense information to help consumers make informed choices about the windows they need to buy. We offer consumers the opportunity to learn about windows and doors without the pressure of a salesman sitting in your home. FREE ADVICE... BEFORE YOU BUY.

We have been providing free and comprehensive information on the internet for over 10 years. Consumers who have used our service have found it is the only way to shop for replacement windows with confidence.

WIXSYS and AWDI are not trade associations, and we do not accept membership fees. We are totally independent.

Whether you require a single replacement window or a full house replacement we offer free advice on your individual needs. Our aim is to remove the risks you might encounter in buying replacement windows, by giving you honest information you can use.

WIXSYS and AWDI do not sell windows on the internet. How could we? Proper window selection, measurement and installation requires consultation with you - in your home. But not before you are ready. We advise. We recommend, but only to inform you and reward the companies that do right by their customers.

Look over our website. Learn more about replacement windows. Find out how important AWDI, and WIXSYS® can be to your overall satisfaction with your new replacement windows.

Ask questions. Read the information we offer. Most of all? Relax! We are here to serve you.

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